Vom Hof Sonnenschein
Vom Hof Sonnenschein
 English Cocker Spaniel from a caring home


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Hobby breeding of single color English Cocker Spaniel in brown/chocolate, brown/chocolate and tan, red,
black, black and tan and sable, pedigree of  Cocker Club Deutschland e.V. (VDH/FCI)

WelpenOur puppies are born and grown up in our house. They are in contact with humans and if the time has come, also with our other dogs. During the same time they get acquinted to noises like vacuuming, doorbell ringing, laughter and all kinds of different everyday noises. The tiny cockers will also experience a ride in the car. Before moving to their new families, they are 4 x dewormed, chipped and 1 x 5-fold (SHPPi+L)vaccinated. Naturally  all pups will come with an official Pedigree of the Cocker Club Deutschland e.V., acknowledged by the VDH an FCI. Provided that both the veterinarian and the breeding supervisor have given their OK, they may leave our home for discovering an exiting world outside, curiously and happilly. We are always glad to hear about their further development and in case of any questions, we will always be there.

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